Anderson Bluegrass

Anderson Bluegrass is a family band composed of seven brothers and their sister. The boys, Matthew, Benjamin, Joel, David and John have played bluegrass and gospel music together since in 2007. Their sister joined them soon after and the two youngest boys are now singing more than ever. They are now touring as a family ministry.

We want to be an encouragement to those for whom we play.  We play traditional bluegrass, gospel, hymns, and also songs written for us or written by us.


Our latest album is now shipping!  We also have MP3′s available now!

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02 I Will Follow Thee

01 Daddy Sang Bass


On lead guitar is Matthew. Benjamin picks the banjo. Joel plays rhythm guitar, while David on bass anchors the group. John is primarily on mandolin while taking to the fiddle on some numbers. Katrina is on fiddle. The youngest, Jason and Nathan provide vocals on numerous numbers.


Discography: Anderson Bluegrass Boys (2012), From the Church House (2013)

Our purpose is to bring glory to our Savior with our lives and songs. We want the music to uplift, encourage and bring joy to the listeners and bring them as much pleasure as we have in playing it.